The Privacy Policy states that if it is necessary, the company may collect and use your personal data to enable you to access and use the website and participate in the games.

The company is also obligated to comply with the Data Protection Act when collecting your personal information and will safeguard your personal details and privacy according to the best business practices and relevant laws.

We will utilize your personal data to facilitate your participation in the Games and to perform tasks related to your involvement in the Games. Additionally, we may utilize your personal information to notify you of updates, new services, and promotions that we believe may be of interest to you. You have the option to opt out of this service if you do not want to receive such direct marketing communications.

We will not share your personal information with any third parties unless we are legally required to do so. However, since some of WANNAS' business partners or service providers are responsible for specific aspects of the Website's overall functioning, they may have access to your personal information. WANNAS employees may also access your personal information to carry out their duties and provide you with the best possible service. By using our services, you agree to such disclosures.

All information you provide to us will be treated as personal data and will be kept confidential. You have the right to access your personal data that we hold. We will not destroy any data unless it is required by law or no longer needed for the purpose of our relationship with you.

To enhance your experience on the Websites and improve our service, we use cookies, which are small pieces of information sent from your browser. You have the option to disable cookies, but doing so may significantly limit or prevent your use of the Websites.

Cookies Policy

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website's computer places on your device to keep track of your visits and improve your user experience. The server generates the cookie and uses it whenever you visit the website. It's like an identification card that tells the website when you've returned, but it doesn't contain any personally identifiable information or harm your device.

2. Why do we use cookies on WANNAS?

At WANNAS, there are two types of cookies used, which are cookies set by WANNAS and cookies set by third-party websites or services. WANNAS cookies help you to stay signed in to your account while you are on the website and allow us to display information that matches your preferences.

3. What cookies do we use on WANNAS?

The following is a record of the primary cookies established by WANNAS, along with the purpose of each cookie:

  • _fp: This cookie stores the browser's fingerprint and has a lifetime of forever.
  • _t: This cookie stores the timestamp of the user's first visit to the site in the current browsing session and is necessary for unique visit statistics. It has a lifetime of the browsing session.
  • _r: This cookie stores the HTTP referrer for the current browsing session, which is required for tracking external traffic sources. It also has a lifetime of the browsing session.
  • _c: This cookie stores the identifier of the affiliate campaign and is necessary for affiliate statistics. It has a lifetime of forever. Third-party cookies are also set for the wildcard domain *.WANNAS, including:
    Google Analytics: _ga, _gat, _gid
    Cloudflare: __cfuid

Please note that some browsers may keep background processes running even when no tabs are open, which may result in session cookies being left set between sessions. Additionally, third-party scripts may also set cookies to their own domains.

4. How can I manage my cookies on WANNAS?

You can disable the acceptance of cookies through the Privacy Settings feature on your web browser.

5. Server Protection Policy

The Server Protection Policy of WANNAS ensures encryption on servers and backups, firewalls, VPN access, and limited access to servers over VPN. The http/s services work over Cloudflare and connections to nodes are over VPN. The servers have a firewall, and access is only allowed over the SSH port. SSH port forwarding tunnels are used and services are only allowed over VPN. Alerts are set for critical services. In case of a data breach, WANNAS will notify the relevant users within the GDPR timeframes.

6. Data International Transfer

The personal data is only shared with third parties when it is essential to provide quality service or respond to lawful requests from authorities. The following information is shared with third-party systems: username and email information with livechat Inc. if the user contacts support via live chat or email. Despite our efforts, occasional problems may arise, and our team will do their best to resolve them quickly. To expedite assistance, you can click the button above to join our Telegram group.

To assist with resolving errors, please provide the following details: your username, the date and time the issue occurred, and the name of the game or table if applicable. If possible, please also include a screenshot of the error. Your help in reporting errors is highly valued as it allows us to identify and address issues to improve the service.

Collecting and Using Your Personal Data Types of Data Collected Personal Data

During your use of Our Service, we may request that you provide us with particular personal information that can be utilized to get in touch with you or distinguish you. This personally identifiable information may consist of, but is not restricted to:

Email address First name and last name Usage Data Usage Data Usage Data is collected automatically when using the Service.

When you use our service, we may collect Usage Data that provides information about how you interact with our service. This data can include details such as your device's IP address, the type and version of your browser, which pages of our service you accessed, the date and time of your visit, the duration of your stay on those pages, unique identifiers for your device, and other data that helps diagnose issues with your device.

If You use a mobile device to access the Service, We may automatically collect certain information, such as the type of mobile device, its unique ID, the IP address, the operating system, the browser type, and other diagnostic data. When you visit our Service or use the Service via a mobile device, we may gather information that your browser automatically sends.

Data obtained from social media platforms not directly managed by the service.

WANNAS provides the option for users to register and access the Service using their accounts from certain third-party social media services.

Email registration

7. Personal Data Protection Policy

WANNAS is committed to protecting your personal data and employs various security measures to ensure its safety. These measures include encrypting data transmitted over public networks and stored in databases, implementing auditing standards, mitigating Distributed Denial of Service attacks, and providing a Live Chat support feature on the website.

8. Registration and Login

To register on our platform, you need to be 18 years or older. If you choose to provide your email address, ensure that it is accurate as it will be used for KYC account verification in the future.

We regret to inform you that it is not possible for us to update your registered email. If you wish to change your username or registered email, we recommend that you close your current account and create a new one instead.

9. Web3.0

In case you choose to sign up or authorize us to access a Third-Party Social Media Service, we may gather your Personal data that is already linked to your Third-Party Social Media Service account. This information could include your name, email address, activities, or contact list that is associated with that account.

You can choose to share more information with WANNAS by using Your Third-Party Social Media Service's account. If You decide to share this additional Personal Data, You are allowing WANNAS to use, store, and share it in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

10. Delete Personal Data

If you want to have your personal data removed, you can ask WANNAS to do so. However, it's important to note that this may not be possible if WANNAS is legally obligated to keep your data. To request the deletion of your personal data, you can send an email to [email protected] Upon submitting a request for deletion of your personal data, it is important to note that there is a possibility of losing certain benefits, including bonuses and other advantages that were associated with your deleted account. These benefits will no longer be available.