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  Wannas Rebate System  
The Wannas Rebate System can be seen as a type of Multi-level Marketing (MLM). When members join, they receive a code, which they can use to refer friends and provide special benefits to those who sign up.
The system is structured into four levels inclunding myself : the first level is users who joined with a my code, the second level is users who joined with a first level code, and the third level is users who joined with a second level code. Members can receive more benefits by recruiting more members in each level.
DivisionMe1st level2nd level3rd level
Loss Rebate4%2%2%2%
Tournament Ticket Rebate0.4%0.2%0.2%0.2%
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One of the great advantages of the Wannas Rebate System is that anyone can become a 'Me' member. This means that all members who join have an equal opportunity. Even if a member is initially placed in the first level through a friend's referral, they can still become a 'me' member by recruiting more members with their own code.
This system aims to provide users with an opportunity to be rewarded for their efforts with a purpose of achieving success together through a partnership.
*Rolling Commission: Baccarat, Dragon & Tiger, Sicbo, and Powerball.
Loss Rebate: Slots, Roulette, Casino Hold'em, and Black Jack. No negative turn over.
Tournament Ticket Rebate : total tournament ticket purchased and utilized.
*Please change the nickname to create a personalized referral code before you share
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