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Looking for an exciting opportunity to potentially win big and change your life? WANNAS has just launched the world's 1st online baccarat tournament! By participating, you could make $30 into $300,000 prize with the highest probability of success among all available games.
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How to participate in baccarat tournament?

To participate in the Baccarat tournament, you will require a ticket.
These tickets are readily available for purchase, and utilizing a Jump in ticket will grant immediate entry into the upper stage.
Tickets for the Baccarat Tournament may also be rewarded based on your gaming activity by completing the weekly and monthly missions or from Free Spins you earn by leveling up.

What are the rules of baccarat tournament?

    The Baccarat tournament is composed of a total of 10 rounds, which are divided into four distinctstages: the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and final.
    These are the baccarat rules found in Taishan game.

    Baccarat Tournament Rules
  1. The tournament stage and number of participants are determined by the manager.
  2. Users may participate in the tournament through the “Join” or “Jump in” buttons.
    -Join : Participate in the corresponding tournament.
    -Jump in : Pay the Jump in fee and participate in the next stage as an automatic winner of the previous stage.
    *Tournament Join/Jump in fees are set differently depending on the tournament.
  3. Users who have applied for a tournament must enter the tournament table at the announced time.
    - Users who applied for the tournament but did not enter at the announced time will proceed with the tournament with automatic play settings.
  4. Users who participate in the tournament will receive the same amount of chips to start the game.
  5. A tournament stage consists of 14 rounds total and users may place a “Secret Bet” once per stage.
    It may be activated by clicking on the Secret Bet button before you place your bet.
  6. Users must place their bets within the given betting time at the start of the round. If they don’t, the game will automatically switch to auto play mode.
    -If a user is disconnected during the game, the game will also continue in auto play mode.
    Users are given the option to join back in once their connection improves.
  7. The first to bet marker is indicated by the gold chip on the betting layout, and betting will proceed in clockwise order.
    -After each round, the gold chip will move clockwise to assign a new user to bet first.
    * You can bet in advance by clicking the BET button even if it's not your turn to bet.
  8. Among the table participants, the player with the highest chip count will be selected as the winner and automatically advance to the next stage.
  9. If there are players with the same chip count when the final round concludes, the player who placed their bet first during the final round will be declared the winner.
  10. The final winner of the tournament will receive the prize amount equal to the participation fees of all users who participated in the tournament, minus the operating commission.

  11. Activate and inactivate Secret Bet (Secret Bet)

    -Secret Bet: Once used, this feature will hide the bet type and bet amount to other players.
    -Secret bet function can only be activated once among all rounds. When activated, it will be applied to the current round’s bet.
    -Betting limits do not apply when using secret bet.
    *Secret bet cannot be canceled once it has been activated.

    Auto Play

    -Auto Play is a function that randomly places bets on two types of bets, Player and Banker, if the User does not place a bet.
    -Bet amount : Your remaining balance/N(Remaing round) from the time Auto Play is enabled, except for the last round where ½ of your remaining balance will be bet.

    Additional information

    -TaiShan Casino reserves the right not to pay out winnings in case of winnings due to obvious errors, mistakes or technical defects (including incorrect game payouts) caused by machine or human error in relation to participating games.
    -Taishan Casino reserves the right to cancel or amend the tournament at any time.
    -Any amendments will appear in the latest version of the Terms of Use located on the website.
    -It is the user's responsibility to acknowledge any mentioned amendments.

How to be the champion of the baccarat tournament?

The user with the highest chip count at the end of the each tournament stage will automatically receive a ticket to advance to the next stage.
The tournament consists a total of 4 stages. Thus, if you win four consecutive stages by having the highest chip count on each stage, you will be crowned the champion of the baccarat tournament, and theoretically receive up to $300,000* as the final prize. We wish you the best and hope you to be the final winner of the baccarat tournament!

To claim your prize from a tournament win and Admin Fees*

The prize coupon can be found in the event menu.
By using the coupon in the event menu, it can be exchanged for WANT(₩₦).

By using the coupon in the tournament menu, it will be automatically applied towards joining the tournament.

Wannas owns the right to deduct a final admin fee of 10% from the total prize amount

WANNAS Tournament New League System

WANNAS Tournament allows participation in multiple competitions.

WANNAS Baccarat Tournament is divided into 2 leagues.
30→300 League: 30-room participation, automatically enters 300-room upon winning with a prize of ₩₦3,000.
3,000→30,000 League: 3,000-room participation, automatically enters 30,000-room upon winning with a prize of ₩₦300,000.
Spontaneous Participation Regulations
30→300 League: Spontaneously enters the 300-room and receives the prize of 30→300 League, ₩₦3,000 upon winning.
3,000→30,000 League: Spontaneously enters the 30,000-room and receives the prize of 3,000→30,000 League, ₩₦300,000 upon winning.

Can participate in the ₩₦3,000 prize coupon for the 3,000→30,000 League, and the regulations for the 3,000→30,000 League apply.

If there is an automatic participation failure in the next stage due to system and server errors, the winning coupon of the participated stage will be provided.
e.g., If 30-room participation does not automatically enter the 300-room after winning, ₩₦300 winning coupon will be provided. *10% commission is applied to the Wannas Tournament prize amount.


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