User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

WANNAS Free Tournament Event Regulations

1. Participate in the free tournament during the announced event date and time.
2. After winning the first free tournament, you will automatically participate in the ₩₦30 stage, and upon winning the ₩₦30 tournament stage, you can choose to proceed to the withdrawal or the ₩₦300 stage.
3. Winning the free stage will automatically enter you into the ₩₦30 stage. Please check if the tournament room is ready to start.
4. During the event period of 1 hour, unlimited re-entry is possible upon failure, and ongoing games will continue regardless of the event time.
5. Multiple participation is not allowed in the event tournament, and you cannot give up or leave midway.
6. The tournament's winning coupon will be provided in the 'My Coupons' menu, and a 10% commission will be deducted from the prize amount.
7. Check future events on the WANNAS forum event board.

WANNAS Tournament New League System

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